Traditional courses typically have multiple learning objectives while the bite-size learning focus is on one key objective. 

It is safe to say that learning is increasingly happening in bite-size chunks. And it makes perfect sense!

Research shows that that bite-size learning makes the implementation of learning back to the workplace 17% more efficient and 40% cheaper. It reduces the overall duration and costs of training delivery, which increases ROI on training budgets (no travel, no lodging, meals, supplies etc…).

But how do we do this at Vertex Human Capital?

When customising our learning solution for your learners’ needs we take the tailor-made programme and break it down into small modules using delivery methods that best suit the learner and fit it into their schedule when it suits them best. 

For example, if you are a Manager who needs to brush up your PM skills, we can tailor our programme to your specific needs by choosing modules that you need refresh on the most, we break it down to bite-size chunks and deliver it for example as virtual live workshops or face-to-face in combination with a complementary stand-alone online course. These recordings are then available to you whenever you want to brush up on certain parts of it. It can help busy modern Manager quickly and on-demand.

We offer 60-90 minutes long bite-size sessions for all of our programmes with the use of blended learning methods.

If your are not familiar with bite-size learning and how to introduce this into your learning culture within your organisation, give us a call and we can explore the best way for you to slowly transition from traditional training to more efficient, cost-effective and learner-centric bite-size learning.