How to manage conflict to create positive outcomes!

Conflict can be hugely damaging to the success of your organisation. At a high level, disputes can tear a company in two. But anywhere conflict arises, it creates a tense and unproductive work environment.

Teams that can resolve conflict, are a winning combination of people. Much of business success is about overcoming problems, so why would you not want people who resolve conflict effectively? This course is packed with benefits for you, your team and your organization.

This conflict resolution training course is ideal for training anyone that has to deal with conflict regularly. But we all have to deal with conflict from time to time so this is a course for everyone in your organisation: senior leadership teams, customer-facing employees, buyers and sellers, credit control departments etc…

This course is interactive and highly engaging. We use discussion, group work, exercises and feedback. There is a way to approach conflict in which we can reach a win/win and collaborate to a successful conclusion for all involved. This session will focus on bringing about an end to participant’s conflict situations quickly, cost-effectively and with as little discomfort as possible. This training course will provide your participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to display a positive approach to conflict handling. BONUS: All the participants will receive a free e-book with the summary of Top Tips for Effective Communication for quick and easy reference.
By the end of this training course you will be able to:
  • Define conflict and how to identify it
  • Explain positions and interests and why conflict is so hard to resolve
  • Identify the stages of conflict and the five methods of dealing with it
  • Follow set approaches to handling conflict
  • Module 1 – What is conflict?
  • Module 2 – How to spot conflict
  • Module 3 – Why conflict can be difficult to resolve
  • Module 4 – Positions and Interests
  • Module 5 – The stages of conflict
  • Module 6 – The five methods of managing conflict
  • Module 7 – Skills required
  • Module 8 – Conflict resolution model
  • Module 9 – Personal conflict situation
  • Module 10 – Negative responses
  • Module 11 – Practice
  • Module 12 – Resolving the conflict between others

This course can also be taken in bite-size modules throughout a couple of weeks where the client has an option to either participate in the virtual classroom or take the self-paced online courses choosing each of the modules individually.

To further develop your communication skills we advise looking into following training programmes: Communicate Effectively, The Art of Negotiation, Presenting With Impact, Emotional Intelligence or consider 5-day Communication Skills Excellence Programme which includes them all.

The Client can opt for ongoing support whereby a couple of weeks after the training, our trainer will be in contact with your participants to conduct post-training analysis and provide further support should they need it. You will be given direct contact with your trainer.

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