In today’s world of rapid changes and innovation, we understand that we need to be able to rise to those challenges.

At Vertex Human Capital we support your business transformations as well as help organisations to inspire continuous learning and behavioural change by providing you with customised learning solutions. 

In our experience, we can assure you that organisations who are already aware of the benefits and flexibility of using this approach in their learning culture are reaping the results.

It is safe to say that learning is increasingly happening in bite-size chunks. And it makes perfect sense!

Research shows that those using CLS are achieving 4 times the improvement in applying learning back to the workplace to those who are not.

Unlike off-the-shelf courses, customised learning solutions and blended approach is not a strict recipe you can follow blindly. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

But the beauty of it is that it offers you a choice, it’s flexible and adaptable to your learner needs. 

Each organisation is unique as well as each employee have unique learning styles and learning needs. So our performance management, communication skills and emotional intelligence skills programmes are always tailored to suit your unique learning needs. 

Being Managers ourselves for many years, it is really easy for us to put ourselves in the shoes of Managers experiencing the stress and problems that come with their role. 

In preparing our customised learning solution to suit your needs we focus on the end-user capturing their goal and reflection on their current level of skill.

So we ask ourselves couple of questions:

  1. What learning format will best suit their needs?
  2. How will a piece of learning improve a person’s performance or organisational performance?

We understand how busy and demanding role of a Manager can be and so our programmes are delivered in bite-size chunks using various methods of blended learning. And because of this, Managers we work with have ample time in-between sessions to reflect, implement and assess their new skill, knowledge or get feedback on behavioural changes they are working on.

This approach to your learning needs, which we deliver through variety of experiences and methods creates engagement as it’s personal and relevant, it also empowers your employees as it’s giving them a voice in choosing the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of learning.

We also understand that learning needs to continue long after the training programme is completed so we provide support by offering coaching or follow-up sessions 4-9 and 6-12 weeks after completion of our programme. 

There are no limits to customising learning solutions to your needs and it promotes positive continuous learning culture within your organisation.