Now, what I am about to write is not my wisdom, it is from some of the greatest global leadership thinkers that I heard in various of workshops, talks and articles done by some of the greatest leaders, CEOs, who themselves heard it from…. Bottom line is we hear it, love it, use it, repeat it, and share it on wanting it to stick on and to spread on. Mostly to make a difference. To make better with the world around us. But all of us start with ourselves first.

When we need to give feedback, we need to ask ourselves first how prepared are we to receive one? Do we accept only the ones that describes us as we think we are, and do not accept the ones that do not?

I am a big Marshall Goldsmith fan, and I love how he selflessly shares some of the greatest tools to entice positive and long-lasting change in our behaviour. I, for one, have found them extremely useful and practice some of them daily in private life and when reflecting on my business and just about in every human interaction. But I start with myself first.

So, for example, for me a big game-changer is feedforward.

Acknowledging we all make mistakes but first start by looking at ourselves. Saying it out loud, apologizing, and letting people know I am working on this to improve myself, to get better. Start with ourselves first.

Point here; If you want others to take responsibility, let them see you take responsibility first.

A reflection is a fantastic tool; one I wish I were taught in school days. Marshall’s Did I Do My Best questions at the end of the meeting, workday, at home, or in any kind of relationship takes just a few minutes and it makes a world of a difference to me and to every human interaction I have.

But the key here is wanting to improve and change. But to improve or change one must be prepared for conversations, honest, challenging, catalytic conversations. And always start with ourselves first.

When you get up in the morning, it is up to you to decide how will you show up today, at work, at lunch, at that next meeting, in front of your team, your partner, your boss.

Do not think of who you want to be seen like, be who you want to be seen like.

I like going back to basics and simplifying things in life. Something this past year has taught us all to do, have conversations, not putting profits but people first, getting to know each other’s, caring, and reflecting. But always start with ourselves first.

Self-reflection is greatest conversation one can have with oneself, I heard in one great talk today from Humbert Joly (The Heart of Business, book I cannot wait to read) “We can’t go outside, but we can go inside”. Hubert also shared something from his conversation with Mellody Hobson chairwoman from Starbucks (you see what I mean by heard it from… share it on 😀 ) who said: “You cannot be who you cannot see”. Their conversation was about diversity and inclusion, but it fits here like a glove.

So, tomorrow morning, how will you show up?