Are you facing teams, departments, junior and senior managers not cooperating with each other? People at work who used to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate, are no longer? What happened and how most importantly Why?

Often, managers are promoted in their positions without adequate learning and development. And before you know it, managers who went from being managed to managing are faced with misalignment due to a lack of fundamental skills such as communication skills, self-management skills, basic EQ skills, team management, performance management and relationship building skills. The lack of these skills will create mistrust within the team they are supposed to manage and lead.

Throughout my career, I watched senior management, and was at times myself, just too busy and had no time to stop and observe or communicate with teams, first-line managers or middle managers to be made aware of this misalignment. So, how do we address this? Who is responsible? I’d like to think I have an answer to this and will share it in just a moment but before I do, I’d like to share some of my other observations from my experience as a manager and learning and development specialist.

Most of the time, first-line managers are promoted because they are excellent in their jobs, but that alone does not mean they will walk into this position knowing how to be a manager and certainly not a manager who will know how to aspire to become a leader. Two major problems occur here; an employee who was happy and successful in his previous position is now starting to doubt him/herself directly impacting the entire team’s performance. Sometimes they struggle to make this transition because in the past they used to be colleagues and today they need to manage the same people.

Not knowing how to show up for this role creates immediate problems in communication and authority so much so that conflict will arise often. Conflict and lack of skills in managing it will simply become yet another acceleration on a downward spiral for the manager’s performance, confidence, and ability to manage their team.

Lack of identifying training needs and missing out on affording learning and development in time and on-demand is bringing so many negative consequences we could write just about them for days to come.

This kind of environment and everyday reality quickly turns the work environment into a vicious cycle of no communication, no accountability, no collaboration, shifting of blame around and complete loss of collaborative vision and values for the team and organisation.

There is no doubt this must change, and it must change today. There are many ways to approach this and one of them is creating succession planning long before employees are promoted. But the most important shift in the approach to management development is first to recognise that essential management skills needed in today’s world are no longer what they used to be. Skills we used to only assign to senior management in today’s world of rapid change and constant innovations and even more constant uncertainty are now very much needed for all the levels of management and leadership.  

What we are certain of is that we live in very uncertain times and with that in mind, the learning and development of our managers and leaders need to step up now even more so than ever before. It needs to be planned for and available on demand.

We are in process of creating a learning library, currently with 30 topics (and growing) to create on-demand micro-learning (1 problem – 1 solution) for all your managers (from senior managers to all the staff below) to access at any time in many different learning formats to suit everyone’s needs. From video, audio, pdf formats with loads of resources, challengers etc…

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