I was 21 when I moved to South Africa, the most beautiful, and colorful in its diversity, country in the world! Nelson Mandela said: “In Africa, there is a concept known as ‘ubuntu‘ – the profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievement of others.”

Needless to say, I was so drawn to this concept, and while working in, at times, very stressed environments, it was that diversity that made each and every day so different, so fulfilling and unique, a learning journey. I learned at a very early age how communication, mutual respect, and allowing everyone’s individuality to come through in every project did wonders and produced results! But most valuable discoveries came through getting to learn about different cultures!

It’s amazing how when you allow yourself to turn off your ego (and yes, we all have one) and actually listen and lose all the socially and culturally-rooted beliefs, you achieve so much more, become more and actually build respectful and meaningful relationships.

Before I left South Africa to move to Botswana, I was extremely lucky to have a Manager who supported my passion for training and development and stirred me in that direction by providing me with training programmes, challenging me with workload (as he knew I could before I did), shaping my professional mindset and emotional intelligence to help me grow to become Learning and Development Specialist I am today. And I never stopped, to this day, while changing, constantly evolving, closing chapters and moving onto the next one, constantly looking to grow a little bit more. I never stopped learning and looking to ignite the next spark in me, getting to know myself a bit more each time and having more to share in my training deliveries.

He is always the one I use in all of my Management storytelling training deliveries as he knew how to listen and talk to everybody, recognise all of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as allow us creative freedom in delivering results.  

So, today, when I think of quality Management / Leadership, I think three things: Communication, Communication, and Communication.

When I work with Managers and Leaders on their Performance Management, their coaching skills, or their Emotional Intelligence skills it always comes down to discovering the need to change in some form of communication skills.

What kind of a Manager or a Leader are you? Are you an “old school boss”? Or do you think of yourself as a Leader? Would you like us to challenge some of your self-discoveries and help you become the best version of yourself? Do get in touch!

And to finish off with another Nelson Mandela’s quote: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”