If you are looking at using online learning as a part of your blended learning strategy, then you are on the right track to creating a good continuous learning culture within your organisation. 

But what do we mean by Online learning? 

Online learning can be delivered as a Virtual live Instructor-Led Training (VLT) or self-paced stand-alone video-based courses. Sometimes we might even use the term Online programme which is learning delivered in a combination of the two mentioned above. 

Online self-paced stand-alone courses should never be used as your only development strategy. If you do this, it will be complete waste of time and money. Learners demand engagement, and also we cannot ignore the importance of social learning, learning from others and interaction with peers and instructor. 

The goal of every organisation should be aiming for a learning culture that comprises of blended learning approaches which engage and optimises learners performances. 

At Vertex Human Capital we can help you achieve this with our customised learning solutions delivered with blended learning approaches by integrating online self-paced courses with VLT and F2F workshops.

Contact us and lets partner in your Managers and Leaders learning journey!