I was never the one to sit idle and wait for things, or even worse I could never sit and be bored. I was lucky that, at early age, I worked for fantastic leaders who implanted learning culture in me and encouraged me to never stop developing myself and to be constantly curious. So, I literally never stopped.

It goes without saying that when with COVID I was put on “Kurzarbeit”, I saw this as a gift of time to get my head stuck in some projects and further learning.

Recently I completed a really intense 6-week Future Fit Trainer Programme designed and delivered by wonderful Sharon Gaskin and Ginette Tessier.

This powerful and extremely challenging programme has pushed me and my fellow participants well out of our comfort zones, in just our 1st week they peeled away layers of deeply rooted limited beliefs preparing us for what no one could even imagine would come in the following 5 weeks.

Transforming us from “just trainers” to business owners with knowledge, skills and abilities to create and run successful and sustainable businesses, from “just trainers” to Networking, Marketing and Sales specialists, CRM savvy, finance gurus capable working out our worth, business budgets and so much more.

Transforming us from “traditional trainers” to wizards of virtual delivery and had us design, develop and record online stand-alone courses, run virtual workshops, designing and learning landing pages and sales acceleration.

I came out of this programme with business ready to be launched and completely re-invented. I am excited and proud to say I am Future Fit Trainer and with a future-fit business mindset and skills!

Thank you, Sharon Gaskin and Ginette Tessier and to all of my fellow alumni on continuous support!

I can say with great certainty that this programme is the best investment into self-development I have done so far, it completely exceeded my expectations and created value 100 times to my investment!

And what have you done for yourself during COVID?