About me

I was always very passionate about Performance Management. Throughout my career in management, leading teams and participating in many difficult conversations, rebuilding PM processes and mastering the development of KPI’s, I learned to love it and the reason for this is cause I did it well. In my teams, I transformed quarterly ‘tasks’ that everyone dreaded into continuous conversations that almost everyone looked forward to.

In my career of 18+ years in corporate and hospitality industry, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen Managers and Leaders who thought and acted as their role in Performance Management was only to address bad performances or even worse they thought Performance Management is only conducting Performance Appraisals once maybe twice a year, and they did that poorly too. This resulted in low self-esteem, staff that lacked in motivation, high staff turnovers, no development growth, managers satisfied with bare minimum performance standards achieved, managers-employees relationships were none-existent, unclear goals and objectives, frequent changes that were not communicated well which created feelings of uncertainty and sometimes complete loss of respect…

I was lucky in a way that I worked for great Managers who were excellent leaders and encouraged learning in every single conversation, meeting, task and project. Managers who were excellent in identifying potential in me and knew how to transfer their knowledge. I loved working for them and they were happy the way I used this knowledge and delivered results.

Today I help other Leaders and Managers to learn to do the same. Transfer knowledge, develop workforce who are happy to discuss performance, know how to communicate goals and break them into smaller objectives, understand people and their potential as well as challenges, their personalities as well as their aspirations. I help you to learn to become best at developing and evaluating yourself to be able to develop others.

If you want to become successful in Performance Management you can start this journey by enrolling in our PM programme, enquire about one-on-one or team coaching or even if you want to brush up on certain sections of PM alone in Bite-size format, we are here to support and partner with you throughout this transformation.

‘To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often.’

W. Churchill