In the beginning

I would like to start by saying Performance management concerns everyone in the organization, not only managers. Performance management is a complex process, one that needs to be strategic and integrated. Strategic in the sense that is looking into the bigger picture of the business to achieve long term goals and Integrated in the sense that is aligning business and individual objectives, that it is integrating individual needs with those of the business, that it aligns organizational and people development.

For a long time, Performance Management was something that managers had to worry about once a year or at best every six months and it was just unfair for an employee’s yearly performance review to be done in one sitting. This ‘old’ way of performance management concentrated on past performances, wasn’t honest nor realistic, it created absenteeism, high staff turnover, it was mainly negative feedback and was lacking future development plans, it demoralized staff by creating unhealthy competitions as well as it ruined relationships. There was no dialogue, there was no employee engagement in the process.

Over the years there had been many debates and theories regarding processes of performance management and performance reviews, but we can all agree that appraisals should rather be done as analysis with future in focus and not dwelling on the past, that once or twice a year reviews were counterproductive and that we should shift our approach to ongoing and continuous processes instead.

Performance management faces many different challenges such as planning, measurement and reviews, continuous development, communication as well as ethical challenges. How you approach these depends entirely on ‘your situation’, your organizational structure, culture, strategies and stakeholders. It would be safe to say that there is no ‘off the shelf’ solution, no right way or the only way to integrate performance management processes. In collaboration with you, we can help you create the best tools for your organization as well as provide your managers and leaders with some stimulating insights and learning to achieve your desired results.

The goal of our Performance Management Programme is to help you create an environment in which training, coaching and mentoring are readily available, where organization supports a learning culture and where these processes are mutually utilized and respected by management and employees for achieving better results and performance improvements. Where you as a Manager will be well equipped to coach and counsel employees, keep good performance records as well as those of performance conversations you will have regularly, learn to communicate and listen well and have great capabilities of promptly reacting to critical situations. You will also learn how to drive and implement succession planning. Most importantly this programme will transform the way you evaluate yourself as a Manager and Leader.