The groundwork for trainers to begin developing and refining their training and facilitation!

This training programme provides the groundwork for trainers to begin developing and refining their training and facilitation skills using a variety of methods to deliver the best learning experiences and improve learner engagement and retention.

This course is designed for subject matter experts who wish to transition into trainers in their areas of expertise. It also serves as a great course for existing Trainers who wish to sharpen their training and facilitation skills. BONUS: All the participants will receive fantastic bundle of free resources for their training, from documents to plan and prepare training, TNA documents, training evaluation documents, pre and post course documents, loads of free energizers and ice breakers and more… This will save them time to design and develop and do research of their own so they can use their time on what matters the most: developing and delivering training.
By the end of this training course participants will be able to:
  • Identify the unique needs of trainees and become a well-read trainer
  • Understand essential training programresearch and development techniques
  • Develop the capacity and the confidence to help candidates achieve even the most ambitious objectives
  • Find angles to make even the most boring topic lively
  • Understand the importance of continuous personal development as a trainer
  • Master the art of effective performance management
  • Inspire candidates to reach for the stars and become a confident communicator
  • Develop the ability to measure and assess staff training needs
  • Have a firm understanding of personal and professional communication skills
  • Gain sufficient knowledge of organization and implementation of productive workshops
  • Be competent to encourage people doing something new or something better
  • Understand how professional trainersplay an influential role in the development of skills and abilities at all levels
  • Be able to build rapport and trust with challenging representatives or delegates
  • Gain the confidence to pursue a rewarding lifelong career in the professional training sector
  • Explain how Gen X and Gen Y Generations prefer to learn.
  • Module 1 – Defining a successful Training Programme
  • Module 2 – Essential Elements of a Training Programme
  • Module 3 – Training Needs Analysis
  • Module 4 – Designing a Programme That Will Stick
  • Module 5 – Effective Methods of Training Evaluation
  • Module 6 – Storytelling Techniques for Trainers
  • Module 7 – Using Activities to Make Training Fun
  • Module 8 – Stress Management Training
  • Module 9 – Your Role as an Effective Communicator
  • Module 10 – Presentation Skills for Trainer
  • Module 11 – Developing Creativity
  • Module 12 – Conflict Resolution Techniques

Post-training, the Client can opt for taking re-fresher or for more in-depth learning for any of 12 Modules online with our Trainer or as self-paced bite-size learning.

The Client can opt for ongoing support whereby a couple of weeks after the training, our trainer will be in contact with your participants to conduct post-training analysis and provide further support should they need it. You will be given direct contact with your trainer.

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