Even though we communicate all the time, all day long, every single day, this fact alone does not mean we are doing it effectively. It does not mean our conversations have any impact at all.
Recently during our webinar „Do You Dare To Be Frank?“ I asked participants what kind of conversations do they engage in throughout the day at work and 85% of them said that most of their conversations are transactional conversations.
Reason: we are busy and overwhelmed with our daily tasks, roles, and responsibilities.

There is nothing wrong with transactional conversations, but they keep things as they are. They do not act as catalysts to different thinking to help people get outside the box, outside their comfort zone, and they do not require nor build trust and relationships.

Most of the time, we use transactional conversations in telling an employee what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. I spent most of my corporate career working in an environment where tasks and roles were clearly and strictly defined by procedures and policies, where the focus is on following rules and procedures and doing things correctly. The managers in those types of environments have an even greater challenge when trying to deepen relationships or trying to get to know people outside that transactional space.

For our working environment to be engaging and a place where results are achieved, successes celebrated and gratitude is shared, partnerships are made, team members coach each other, we need transformational conversations. Conversations that will be challenging, honest, tapping into emotions, challenge our beliefs, conversations where we actively listen and hear what is not being said, conversations where we are prompt to reflection, seek and show accountability, create safe space, build relationships and conversations in which we acknowledge the positive change.
I think it’s also very important to mention that by having transformational conversations people are being heard and therefore feel like a valued member of your team which in return builds confidence and empowers them to thrive even further.

Meetings are another space where conversations tend to be transactional instead of transformational where most people feel as if they just wasted their time. Could you have changed these transactional conversations to transformational by simply deciding to show up differently?
Marshall Goldsmith, the top leadership thinker, provides brilliant exercise for positive transformation in the way we show up, for conversations, relationships, our everyday presence by simply asking ourselves: Did I do my best?

  • To be happy?
  • To find meaning?
  • To build positive relationships?
  • Be fully engaged?
    And if you knew you would have to answer these questions, would you show up differently, and if so, how?

If you are not used to having transformational conversations with your team, it might be difficult to start. Difficult yes, but not impossible. What is it that you think is missing in your conversations with your team?
We offer our managers and leaders a set of tools and techniques to overcome this challenge and help them transform their approach to conversation with their teams. If you are interested to find out how we can help you start having transformational conversations, contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

There is no change without action, and it starts with you!