VLT / VILT – Virtual live or Virtual Live Instructor-Led Training is training delivered using web-based technologies with traditional classroom methods. 

Our VLT workshops provide learners with an engaging experience, high in interaction and with high rate of easy implementation of learned knowledge back to the workplace. Workshops are small and personal. 

With our engaging, highly interactive content and variety of technology tools that different platforms can offer, such as chats, polls, whiteboards, breakout rooms, videos, group and instructor-led discussions, our workshops are delivered in 60-90 minutes long sessions that provide learners not only with contextual learning but with peer learning, social interaction and interaction with an other learners.

We prepare participants prior to the start of the workshop by setting expectations, sharing valuable pre-workshop materials, learning objectives as well as giving them activities in between sessions to help them build onto what they have learned.

VLT is cost-effective and learner orientated, it’s giving you a choice to reach more learners as they can participate from different offices, cities, countries, there is no travel costs, lodging costs and no limitation to attendance.

If you would like to find out more about our VLT workshops, get in touch we look forward to it!