2019. started somewhat turbulent for me, it was fun, scary and let me down quite a lot, but towards the end of it, I was content. And this content state of mind led me to ask myself: ‘What can I possibly do to make myself feeling ‘on fire’ again?’

So, at the beginning of 2020. Vertex Human Capital was born. And even though this wasn’t my first brainchild, this time I decided to push myself out of that zone of content as there was no positive change nor growth coming out it, I decided this time I was going to make an impact.

How often do you find yourself in a place where your decision has left you feeling all excited, superbly energized and scared to death?

Somehow this made me think of being strapped in the rollercoaster’s tiny seat… But a long time ago I actually made a firm decision not to get into one of those ever again and with that decision, I was happy and content.

But is that what makes us ‘drive’? Don’t worry, I am not asking you to go and face crazy fear by strapping yourself into the tiny seat on the rollercoaster… But rather I want you to think if fear of doing something has perhaps stopped you from new experiences, new learning, making your own Blueprint? Is fear stopping you from achieving your full potential?

How often did decisions that made you feel excited yet terrified led you to better things, learning and experiencing more joy? We are all sometimes scared of making a decision that might result in us being forced out of our comfort zone and failing. But, isn’t it, in the end, those exact types of decisions that made us rise and grow?

How do you make an impact? Are you responsible for those who need to make an impact and bring results to the table? If so, I hope our paths will cross on your learning journey!