In order to help develop others, you must first start with yourself. So we ask you: ‘What does that mean to you?’ and ‘What would your development mean to your team and what kind of an impact would it have on your organisation?’

Bersin by Deloitte suggests that organisations where senior Leaders coach effectively and frequently record a 21% improvement in business results. 

We offer to coach Managers one-on-one or in teams so they can in return coach their teams to deliver optimal performance.

We work on a couple of key areas with Managers:

  1. How to separate their Managers role from their role of a Coach

  2. Aligning goals

  3. Their language (language you use can really define what type of a leader you are, for example: do you use directive or non-directive approach?)

  4. Conflict resolutions

  5. Difficult conversations

  6. Dealing with poor performers
  7. How to have a positive approach so that your team has the same response

  8. We work together to develop an action plan and ongoing follow-up processes

  9. Team motivation and other performance management topics…
  10. Communication skills and Emotional Intelligence skills

If you are a busy Manager or a Leader who would want to work one-on-one or within the team of other Managers from your organisation to improve on any topic of Performance Management, Communication and Emotional Intelligence skills, we would love to hear from you!